• Young Engineers have all sorts of ideas. Join them as they create... Created by the same team behind the Engibear series, which received the President's Prize at the 2012 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.
  • Ava wears a different coloured dress for each type of day - a red dress for hot days, a purple dress for rainy days and a blue dress for cold days. One whistling, whirly, windy morning, Ava and her puppy want to go out and play. But Ava’s favourite coloured dress was missing. Will Ava’s mother find something for her to wear on her yellow dress day?
  • Pollution is accelerating, climate change is threatening and we live in a world where not only do we want everything...but we want it now - regardless. What is all this doing to our planet? Dumpi and the gang have uncovered a way to stop world-wide waste and create an eco-friendly 21st Century.
  • Have you ever felt like running away? In Without Me? A small child resolves to runaway but minute-by minute reasoning raises questions about the impact. Gradually reneging he begins a pied piper walk resulting in all he ran from joining him. A humorous story that confirms the message: we belong in family.
  • ‘Are we normal?’ He asked.

    Mum gave Alex her brightest smile.

    ‘Absolutely NOT … but why don’t we find out who is?’

    A celebration of unique, thriving and fun families.  
  • The Quite Nice Wolf doesn't fit in with the local wolf pack. He commences training to become a proper wolf - one that's BIG and BAD. Can he help the wolf pack with his master plan?
  • Life is full of brightness for one polar bear cub. But then shadows fall ... and his world changes. The little cub must learn to hope again. The Whirlpool is a beautiful story about feeling sad and happy, lonely and loved, small and big. This gentle, emotive tale will help children navigate their way through the ups and downs of life. There is a whirlpool in all of us.
  • Happiness can be found in little things. Where Happiness Hides is a story we often tell our children and ourselves. It is about two siblings who find pleasure in small things: in a bowl of soup, in beetles, in discovery, in sunshine and shadow, in disappointment and in hope. Meditative and inspiring, this story invites children and adults both to savour the moments and minutiae of everyday life.
  • More amazingly wonderful adventures with the crazy inexhaustible teachers from Where Do Teachers Go at Night?. ● Highly anticipated sequel to the original Where Do Teachers Go at Night? ● Celebrates hard-working teachers as they travel around the world.
  • Follow Goobie, a very unusual piece of poo, as he takes us on a fascinating journey from the beginning of time! And you thought that Poo was something we didn't talk about!



    From skinny-dipping in the Caribbean to climbing Mount Fuji,

    discover what our everyday teachers get up to behind our backs.  
  • A young girl visits her Grandma and ‘brightens her dreams’ whilst her little brother charms the nursing home residents with his playful antics. This is a joyful and poignant celebration of life and love with vibrant illustrations of present day and yesteryear.
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