• I knew I was in Australia when I noticed all the legs - men's legs! I never thought there could be so many variations: short, long, muscled, knobbly-kneed.
    Then there were the hairy ones!
  • Jules Verne's Mikhail Strogoff  is a classic adventure story set in nineteenth century Tsarist Russia at a time of great turbulence as foreign armies threaten to invade the Empire. Only one man, Mikhail Strogoff, has the skill and fortitude to traverse the vast countryside and warn of the invasion - but will he make it in time? Jules Verne's Mikhail Strogoff is the first release for Eagle Books, an imprint of Christmas Press
  • Sixteen-year-old Liana Bedford lives in constant fear. Political tensions in Pakistan are rising and terrorist attacks are becoming an everyday norm. As a Pakistani-Australian, she could be the next target.
  • Not all witches are bad to begin with… Long before Rapunzel was held in her tower by the witch, Gothel, her mother had her own adventures. Magnolia Kingdom is thrown into turmoil when their beloved queen dies leaving behind a newborn daughter, Princess Eleanor. When the king remarries, the future looks bright… until jealousies and accusations threaten the peace of the kingdom. Discover the origins of Rapunzel’s story in this exciting prequel to Rapunzel’s Sister.
  • You know the story of Rapunzel... but did you know that she had a sister? Princess Miri of Magnolia Kingdom uncovers a startling secret. She has an older sister she's never been told about! this discovery unravels a dark past that has plagued the kingdom for years. Determined to find her sister and bring her home, Miri embarks on a daring journey against all odds to save her and defeat the witch once and for all.  
  • One girl. One boy. And a friendship that could save them both.
    Good-girl Kat knew drinking alcohol at school would have serious consequences. But to protect her friend from being expelled, Kat lands herself a term's worth of detentions.
  • Australian teenager, Jaime Richards, returns to her dear Pakistan in the second book of the Beyond Borders series. The old world charm is still there - the villages, the bazaars and the mysterious rugs - but Jaime no longer feels safe and confident in this new Pakistan.
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