• Max Crack and his best friend Frankie are back with even more quest-ordinary adventures! Armed with a shiny new quest list, they are on a mission to find a meteorite, make a movie, solve a sisterly feud, eat truckloads of chocolate, set a World Record ... Read all about it!
  • Hi everyone! I'm Max Crack and this awesome book is all about me and my quests and my best friend Frankie! Buried treasure, new school, doodles, peanut butter and honey toast, best friends, horrible blobs, mysteries, Meddlyslop, spelling bees (hard words, harder words), more doodles, comics, World War Undies ... this book has it ALL.
  • It must be Ruby's lucky day! She keeps finding coins everywhere. But there's something funny about this money. Why is it so bright and shiny and new looking? And where did it come from?
  • Ruby is back with twelve new wishes! And one missing wish from last spring is still floating about in the garden somewhere ... But Ruby is wasting her new wishes trying to keep Jellybean out of mischief until she discovers the prefect way to make Jellybean do exactly what she says, But cousin Todd isn't so keen on doing what Ruby says.
  • Something extraordinary is going on ... even more extraordinary than usual in the Wishfingers household! Things keep disappearing and then reappearing in the strangest of places!
  • The first book from The Doggy Dog Dog Detective Agency series. Based on true events, follow the high jinx adventures of Kody, his wise brother Oscar 'the Oracle', and the marvellous characters of the Old Bones Club as they dig up an unbelievably wicked plot.
  • Little Good Wolf wants to be liked and to have friends. He wants to belong, but Little Good Wolf has one HUGE problem, his dad is the Big Bad Wolf, the most feared villain in all of Fairytale Land.
  • Ruby is back - and so are her wishes! With a head full of plans for the holidays Ruby’s fingertips already tingling with magic. That is, until Mum announces that Ruby’s horrible little toad of a cousin is coming to stay.
  • Ruby Wishfingers is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary name. Only nobody else seems to think so. That is until Ruby Wishfingers wakes up with a strange feeling in the tips of her fingers. She soon finds out that there is far more to being a Wishfingers than having a funny name.
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