• Hey, kids. Are you looking for a new daddy? Well, look no further. At The Daddy Shop, we have daddies to suit every occasion. Check out our daddies today! The Father and Son Picnic is coming up, but Daddy can't go with Tai because he's working. When Tai hears about The Daddy Shop, he takes matters into his own paws and tries out some new daddies.
  • It is Victorian England and Gerard Fox winds clocks for the queen. His lowly status means he lives in a world forever surrounded by shadows. Mademoiselle Moonbeam Lapin is a famous ballerina. She lives in the golden glow of stage lights. When Moonbeam offers Fox her friendship, both of their worlds are transformed forever.
  • George was a day child. He loved to rollick and romp in the sunshine, but no matter how hard he played in the day, sleep never came easily at night. Until his Gran introduced him to the Dream Bird.
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