eBook cover

eBook cover

Australian author Anthony Bertini teams up with publishing house Dirt Lane Press, illustrator Jennifer Goldsmith, webmaster Alex Jordan and renowned actress Greta Scacchi to gift the children of the world with Where Happiness Hides, a book that captures child-like imagination on a journey through the things we need to hold on to in tough times – happiness, curiosity, resilience and hope.

Available online for free for a limited period, this beautiful and inspirational picture book will come in 35 languages. Where Happiness Hides hopes to encourage the world to take time during periods of adversity to find magic in everyday moments.

Author of Where Happiness Hides shares, “This has been the most exciting project I have been involved in. I have to thank Dirt Lane Press for sharing my vision and making everything happen. To imagine millions of children reading Where Happiness Hides during this difficult time is just wonderful.”

Where Happiness Hides will be available globally via the DIRT LANE PRESS website, in 35 languages including English, French, Castilian, Catalan, Italian, German, French, Marathi, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Hindi, Polish, Farsi and more.

Presenter of audio book

Greta Scacchi reads Where Happiness Hides

Author Where Happiness Hides

Anthony Bertinie the Australian author of Where Happiness Hides

photo of illustrator

Jennifer Goldsmith illustrated Where Happiness Hides








Margrete Lamond founder and publisher of Dirt Lane Press

Alex Jordan technical director of the project