• A very hungry bear looks everywhere for his favourite food. He learns where to find it and the best way to get it.
  • Five Little Owls uses simple evocative imagery, counting concepts, repetition and rhyme. One by one the owls become involved in a hide-and-seek game with other creatures in the forest.
  • Powerful Owl is HANGRY! His usual prey is nowhere to be found. Wombat, Pink Galah and Lizard have a special diet planned for the king of the bush, but will Powerful Owl give a ‘hoot’ for healthy meals?
  • Little Meerkat is a humorous, lively and adventurous picture book aimed at 3 – 7 year olds. The main character, Little Meerkat, craves independence and adventure in his life. His extended family, of Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle, Sister and Brother, are there to guide and protect him.
  • As the bells of Florence called to one another above the ancient walls and towers, one lone swallow flew.
  • Three young princesses head out from home, bent on adventure: but when they get separated from each other after an encounter with a hungry bear, the eldest princess determines to find her sisters, and the King his daughters. And with the help of a prince with a kind and brave heart, the grateful gesture of a tiny hedgehog, and a magic ball of string, they may all find what they truly seek. Charmingly told in the young author’s distinctive style, with beautiful illustrations by Olya Badulina, this is a picture book that children and their families will cherish.
  • What's in your heart today? A guidebook to help kids explore their emotions - a great introduction to mindfulness. A delightful companion to Louise Bladen's first book titled What's in Your Mind Today?, a proven international sales success!
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