Where Happiness Hides

Happiness can be found in little things.

Where Happiness Hides is a story we often tell our children and ourselves. It is about two siblings who find pleasure in small things: in a bowl of soup, in beetles, in discovery, in sunshine and shadow, in disappointment and in hope. Meditative and inspiring, this story invites children and adults both to savour the moments and minutiae of everyday life.


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ANTHONY BERTINI works in the corporate world and his specific focus is Clean Tech. As a co-founder of 350.orgAustralia, Anthony believes young people are key to reversing climate change and making the future a better place. Anthony’s first book, Things My Pa Told Me, was published by Little Hare and has been translated into several languages and sold over 20,000 copies. His first book with Dirt Lane Press, Just One Bee, co-authored with Margrete Lamond, is the focus of an international book-drop project in May 2020. Where Happiness Hides is Anthony’s second book with Dirt Lane Press.

JENNIFER GOLDSMITH is an internationally renowned figure in the world of handmade inventive toy characters crafted from felt that are fully equipped with operational accessories, including clothes, hats, backpacks, knitting, books, fishing tackle, depending on the character and that character’s personal narrative. Jennifer has always thought of toy making as a kind of storytelling, and it was Jennifer’s planning drawings for these characters that attracted the attention of the Dirt Lane Press publisher. Where Happiness Hides is Jennifer’s first foray into the world of picture-book illustration.

THEMES: Happiness, curiosity, resilience, nature, simplicity, childhood, hope.

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