What’s in Your Mind Today?

No matter what kind of thoughts we have in our minds, there is a way to let them go.

A fun and gentle first guide to mindfulness and de-stressing for children and adults alike.

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Louise Bladen started playing classical piano live and noticed that during long practise session, the necessary mental focus gave her relief from emotional stress. She later discovered that a similar but more profound state of peace and calm could be cultivated through meditation and mindfulness, and swapped her piano stool for a meditation cushion.

After years of teaching primary classroom music, she realised that there is a great need for children to learn some tools to help them destress and better cope with busy lives. Beginning with the simple practise of breathing, Louise introduced some meditation activities into her classes and discovered that children are capable of looking into their minds and they enjoy the process of cultivating a calm and peaceful space within. It is a wonderful antidote to screen overexposure.

What’s in Your Mind Today? is the result of her wish to simply convey the great ancient tool of mindfulness, and her great love of children’s picture books.

Angela Perrini creates contemporary images that are watercolour based. Angela was born in Putignan, Italy. She is a freelance illustrator with a degree in Art History. Her previous title include: Ava’s Spectacular Glasses published by New Frontier Publishing.


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