Two Tales of Brothers From Ancient Mespotamia

The ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, located in what is now Iraq, Syria and Kuwait, produced one of the world’s great heroic sagas, the Epic of Gilgamesh. In this exciting, lively retelling, popular author John Heffernan brings two stories from the Epic to enagaging life for young readers, while new illustrator Kate Durack’s striking illustrations, inspired by Ancient Mesopotamian art, superbly illuminate the mythical world of the heroic brothers.


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John Heffernan is a well-known, award-winning Australian author who has written more than fifty books for children and teenagers in a variety of genres and styles, from picture books to young adult novels, reality to fantasy. His books have won numerous awards. A journey through Afghanistan led to an ongoing interest in that country, and inspired the writing of Naveed. John writes with integrity and honesty, and his experience as a teacher has been invaluable in his writing and in his relationship with his readers.

Born and raised in Brisbane, artist and illustrator Kate Durack lived and worked in Sydney and Malaysia before moving to the regional NSW town of Walcha, where she now lives. Her work has featured in several exhibitions. Two Tales of Brothers from Mesopotamia is her first picture book.

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