The Wall

Tom is a little boy who LOVES to explore. But, one day, he hears the grown-ups talking about the monsters that live in the big, wide world and he is too scared to explore anymore. Soon, they build a giant wall to KEEP THE MONSTERS OUT – forever. But life becomes dreary when you are cut off from the wonders of the world and Tom soon realises there is a need for change …

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Jessie James likes to walk through the hills and woodlands of the South Downs, UK, and dream up ideas for children’s books. Never without a notebook, she is passionate about creating diverse and empowering content for children and maintains that you never know when an idea will strike … though she does have the unfortunate habit of always losing her pens.


Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Catalina Echeverri lives in London with her Northern Irish husband, Will, and their 2 little daughters. Before settling in the UK Catalina spent time in Italy, studying graphic design and eating pizza and ice cream every day that she could. When she’d eaten it all, she moved to Cambridge to study children’s book illustration. She has worked in children’s publishing ever since, working with publishers in the UK and the US. Catalina is never without her sketchbook. She particularly enjoys working on projects that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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