The Underwater Forest

Oliver looks forward to going diving on his birthday every year to see the underwater forest. But one year the underwater forest was gone. It had been eaten by hungry sea urchins. Will the underwater forest every grow back?

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Rebecca Morris is a marine scientist at the National Centre for Coasts and Climate, The University of Melbourne. Working on a diversity of coastal habitats, Rebecca’s research focuses on how to restore these habitats where they have been lost. In particular, she is interested in characterising what restored habitats can provide. Rebecca loves to show people how wonderful marine habitats are through public lectures or getting people to the coast to experience the projects. She wants to inspire future marine scientists.


Matt Howorth is a freelance British illustrator, specialising in character design for animation and children’s illustration. He graduated in 2015 with a First-Class Honours Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design. He has worked on multiple animation projects, including movies and cartoon TV shows. He spent much of his childhood covering the living room floor in crayon drawings of mermaids and sea creatures. Matt’s work focusses on colour and shape, imperfections adding to a hand-drawn quality in his digital arts. Matt likes marine biology, period dramas, and petting the neighbourhood cats.

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