The Phantasmic Detective Agency

London Christmas Eve, 1911. The world is changing fast: giant warships, aeroplanes with bombs, spies and assassins, fear of war with Germany. And the cosy lives of teenagers Lily and Leo Keeler, who long for adventure, are about to be torn apart by secrets, espionage and monstrous creatures from the shadows. When a shadow-puppet play unexpectedly releases the hungry spectre of Shadow Wolf, Lili and Leo get more adventure than they ever bargained for, as they battle the threat with their uncle Alfred, a brilliant, notorious Sherlock Holmes-like paranormal detective.

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But that proves to be only the first mystery in a conspiracy that threatens the whole Keeler family, as Lily and Leo’s stage magician parents vanish for real in the middle of their latest spectacular magic act. From the Royal Naval dockyards of Plymouth to the bone-stacked catacombs of Paris, Lily and Leo and their uncle must confront eerie creatures and spine-tingling danger as they are chased by a ruthless spy-ring determined to harness the dark forces of Magick as weapons of war…

The Phantasmic Detective Agency is a gripping, original fantasy adventure novel for readers aged 10+

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Julian Leatherdale is a novelist, scriptwriter and playwright, who has created comedy cabarets, animation scripts and television documentaries. The Phantasmic Detective Agency is his first children’s novel.

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