The Magic Ball of String

Three young princesses head out from home, bent on adventure: but when they get separated from each other after an encounter with a hungry bear, the eldest princess determines to find her sisters, and the King his daughters. And with the help of a prince with a kind and brave heart, the grateful gesture of a tiny hedgehog, and a magic ball of string, they may all find what they truly seek.

Charmingly told in the young author’s distinctive style, with beautiful illustrations by Olya Badulina, this is a picture book that children and their families will cherish.

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Published by Richmond Publishing in association with Christmas Press.

About the author:

Six-year-old Chelsea was born to tell stories and narrates them to her mother, Irina, before going to sleep every night. She has always been in love with Russian fairytales which comforted her during a period she recently spent in hospital in Moscow. Chelsea’s message to the world is that kindness is a gift that everyone can afford to give – to family, friends, and strangers. She also exemplifies girls doing it for themselves in a complex world where every child is valued.

About the illustrator:

Olya Badulina is an international illustrator living in Finland with her family. Olya’s art is featured in many delightful children’s books around the globe. She embraced the Chelsea story and has loved capturing every nuance in it.

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