The Garden Monster

We went into our garden, to see if we could see, A monster that I’d heard about, MUCH BIGGER than me. But where do we start in finding this beast? Maybe he’s sleeping or enjoying a feast.

A delightful adventure story about two brothers trying to look for a monster in their garden and meeting a whole host of garden creatures along the way.

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Paul lives in Kent, by the sea, and loves spending time with his family. He has always had a passion for poetry and often makes up bedtime stories for his children. He finally decided to put pen to paper and create a story that his children could relate to. The idea for The Garden Monster came from spending endless hours watching his two boys exploring in the garden, talking to creatures, and catching bugs. Paul likes to stay active and loves spending time at the gym. He’s excited to be publishing his debut book with Little Steps and hopes to create lots more in the future.

Lia was born in a small town in Transylvania, Romania, surrounded by mountains and castles. She spent most of her childhood outside in the garden, playing with farm animals and pets and drawing on everything she could. Using both traditional and digital mediums, her favourite things to draw are characters with quirky personalities, plants, birds, old objects, cats, and foxes. Inspired by nature, old photographs, and childhood memories, Lia tends to use an earthy colour palette. She has studied art since high school and after graduating in art and design at the University of Cluj-Napoca, she started working with local printing houses on children’s books and magazine publications.

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