The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes 3: The Super Spy

Zinnia’s class is organising a super fun sleepover in the school’s library while their parents are having a spy-themed party in the school hall. They even order a fabulous Zinnia Jakes cake. Everything is going according to plan until the parents set up a spy trap to catch the secret pastry chef …

What will Zinnia Jakes do?

  • The third book is an exciting new adventure series Zinnia Jakes and her amazing cat Coco
  • Explores themes of school, family, friendship and baking
  • With a child-friendly recipe at the back of the book

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Brenda Gurr adores anything to do with spies, adventure and mysteries, so writing a book about someone with a secret identity is something she has always longed to do, Add to that her love of cats (she owns two magical Burmese cats) and her habit of baking far too many sweet treats, and you have all the ingredients for the world of Zinnia Jakes! A former storytelling fairy, drama teacher and school worksheet writer, Brenda is the author of numerous books for children. This is her first chapter book series.



Nancy Leschnikoff is a children’s books illustrator. She also works on lettering projects and illustrated designs for book covers. Her hand-drawn style and creative approach have led to a variety of work in publishing and other design genres such as advertising, branding and web design. With a First Class BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, she worked immediately in the design studio field followed by fifteen years as a children’s book designer before becoming a full-time illustrator.

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Nancy Leschnikoff

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