The Best Mum

There are so many AMAZING mums in the world: the chefs, the singers, the athletes.

But every mum does one special thing that makes her The Best Mum. What makes YOUR mum the BEST mum?

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Penny Harrison is a children’s author, book reviewer, garden writer, and lifestyle journalist. A professional writer for more than 20 years, she has contributed to a variety of leading magazines, newspapers, guides, and books, writing about everything from raising toddlers to raising chickens. Penny grew up on a farm in central-western NSW and spent her days exploring the bush and planning treasure hunts with her four brothers and sisters. Nowadays, she lives in a rambling old garden in the Yarra Valley with her husband, two young children, and an ever-growing menagerie of animals and plants. ​​


Sharon Davey is a children’s illustrator and author who has a past in Theatre Design. Born to a strong northern family, she was indoors a lot as a kid, due to the inclement weather and risk of rosy cheeks. She spent all family occasions under the table drawing characters and tying people’s shoelaces together. It was 1990 when her rise to stardom finally arrived and she smoked her competition at the holiday camp’s ‘colouring in’ contest. “I will draw for a living!” she proclaimed on the winner’s podium, as she held her certificate. Since then she has been working hard to fulfill that promise to her 9 year old self. With a brief departure into set and costume design for theatre, lasting 15 years, she has always drawn, created and illustrated. If Sharon is not at her desk working, you can find her drinking tea and baking cakes.

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