Tales from Brook Meadow: The Tale of the Summer Fair

When the Summer Fair comes to Brook Meadow, there is confusion and upset amongst the animals. Does the day end well?

An enchanting nature-based series, following the lives of the creatures of a meadow. Look out for the third book in the series coming soon; The Tale of the Autumn Fall.

Each book has a different message to help children through their early years; so not to be afraid of the unknown and embrace new experiences, and also to take the time to explain a situation. Beautiful watercolour illustrations on every page.

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Kevin grew up in the countryside in the south of England. He spent much of his childhood outdoors with his father: fishing, camping, walking, bird watching and learning about respecting Mother Nature. Kevin forged a career in construction, but his love for nature continued. Whilst teaching his children about the wildlife next to the river Ems in Brook Meadow in the 1990s, the book series Tales from Brook Meadow was born. He believes that teaching children to understand and respect animals and the environment at an early age will create a firm foundation for their journey into adulthood.


From the age of seven, Caroline spent her Saturday mornings sketching with her mum, a portrait artist. Caroline has been drawing ever since and decided to make it her career after she had her first child. She also started a company teaching arts and crafts to children. Over the last 11 years, Caroline has sculpted as a Lifecaster and taught herself the art of resin. Watercolours are her preferred medium – its whimsical effect is a perfect fit to her delicate style of painting. These days she predominantly paints portraits, mostly pets and wildlife, raising funds for animal rescue charities. She enjoys walking her beloved greyhounds on the beach or bodyboarding with her sons.

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