Suzie and the Snowflake

When Sam the snowflake blows into Suzie’s bedroom by mistake, they embark on a grand adventure to help him find his way home. Suzie and the Snowflake is a magical wintertime adventure written in rhyme that celebrates the power and courage of friendship.

Featuring educational resources and an activity section all about snow!

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Rebecca Keros is a writer and director from Sydney, Australia. A filmmaker all her life, she has ventured onto pirate ships, into outer space, and beneath the deep blue sea having worked on blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean and many other feature films across the globe. Whilst film is her passion, it is writing that has always been her creative outlet. Since she can remember, she has always wanted to write specifically for children, finding imagination. Rebecca loves all things creative and believes wholeheartedly that we cannot exist without storytelling and the creative industries. Suzie and the Snowflake is a more personal way for her to contribute to the art of the world and has proven a strong debut into the realm of children’s literature.


Andrew McIntosh is a part-time digital illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. Ever since Andrew can remember, he has had a pencil and paper on hand. He started his artistic career in the videogames industry focusing on pixel art, 3D-modelling, and UI design. In his spare time, Andrew paints whimsical characters and scenes that are greatly inspired by nature. Since 2015, Andrew has pursued his aspiration to illustrating children’s books and hopes to write one of his own in the future.

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