The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear

The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear is the story of a cruel falling out between two friends, how it happens, and what happens next. It is outrageous, passionate and poignant, and the bittersweet ending is as ambiguous as any friendship in real life.


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Framed in the present and told in alternating past and present tense, The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear borrows characters and events from several traditional sources and is told with wit and verve by Margrete Lamond, with darkly brooding charcoal illustrations by acclaimed artist Heather Vallance.

Margrete Lamond reinvents traditional narratives with a fresh, contemporary twist. Her retellings include Tatterhood and Other Feisty Folktales, The Nutcracker, Frankenstein, and the Once Upon a Timeless Tale series. Margrete is the publisher of award-winning Little Hare Books.

Heather Vallance is a studio artist whose work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the prestigious Kedumba Drawing Award, and hangs in both private and public exhibitions. She currently teaches drawing, painting and printmaking at tertiary level.

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