Robin’s Destiny

Michael Robins has a new game. It’s cool. It’s retro. It has bows and arrows, an evil king and something that he can see out of the corner of his eye.

A chance glitch and a child’s sticky fingers finds Michael and his friends sucked inside of the computer where the game is reality and The Master is about to reset the program.

Time is running out. Complete the levels or be deleted.

With an unusual setting, great pace, and vivid characters, this short novel is a gripping page-turner for readers aged 7-10.

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The most important thing about Beattie Alvarez is that she’s a reader. She reads while she cooks, eats and showers, but NOT in bed. This is mainly due to the fact that she can’t put the book down – just one more chapter, and one after that and one after that until the book is finished and the sun is rising

When she’s not reading, she’s a writer, illustrator, editor, graphic designer, toy shop owner and dragon maker. She has over half a dozen books with her name on the cover as an editor and author, is half of the up-and-coming author Phoebe McArthur and has had several short stories published in various places.


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