Rapunzel’s Sister

You know the story of Rapunzel… but did you know that she had a sister? Princess Miri of Magnolia Kingdom uncovers a startling secret. She has an older sister she’s never been told about! this discovery unravels a dark past that has plagued the kingdom for years. Determined to find her sister and bring her home, Miri embarks on a daring journey against all odds to save her and defeat the witch once and for all.


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When she was in year 5, Zoe drew a picture of a girl with long hair in a tower, but instead of labelling it as Rapunzel, she wrote down ‘Rapunzel’s Sister’. She showed it to her mum and the story started to blossom. They wrote the book together, with Zoe illustrating a few of the characters so that her mum could describe them. Performance arts is one of Zoe’s hobbies, She is learning ballet and jazz at Kew School of Dance, alongside taking singing and piano lessons. She also loves to read fantasy stories as well as writing them (but only narratives!).

Belinda had always dreamed of publishing a book since she was a child, having sent numerous manuscripts to magazines and publishers throughout the years. However, she is most excited about Rapunzel’s Sister, which is based on a drawing created by her daughter Zoe, Within hours, the basic plot penned out in a notebook. Belinda has always been interested  in art and produced a short picture book, Cooking with Doggy. She loves reading, especially children’s books; her favourites include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and most of all, the Harry Potter series. Equally, music is a passion of hers. She grew up playing the piano and violin, but recently took up singing lessons.


Angelo Rinaldi is a digital artist specialising in adventure, animals, book fantasy, historical and more. He has always loved to paint, and was forever competing with his brothers and cousin growing up. He wanted to be a fine art painter but after didn’t get on the degree course he wanted, Angelo decided to try graphic design. There was an illustration module on the course which he really enjoyed, and so it all began. Angelo works from home in a fairly dark room when creating digital media, he’s a bit of a night owl. He loves spending time with his kids when he’s not working, alongside cooking, movies, badminton and a bit of DIY and gardening.

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