Muesli on my Brother’s Head

Muesli on my brother’s head,

mashed sweet potato on the bed!

A series of mischievous messes and accidental calamities from the author of

Where Do Teachers Go at Night?


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Harriet Cuming is an early childhood teacher with 37 and a half years of experience – the half is very important. She has taught in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom,  and currently lives on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia. Where Do Teachers Go at Night? is her first children’s book.

Formally trained as an interior architect, Kathryn Green found her passion in illustration. After creating stationery for friends and family, she soon found her invitations fulfilling a much needed hole in the wedding and events market. Her work has been featured in wedding magazines and blogs, both locally and internationally, and even used as front cover art for a popular wedding magazine. From whimsical florals to dreamy designs, her creations in watercolour and ink are instantly recognisable and instantly alluring. Muesli on My Brother’s Head is her first work as illustrator of a picture book.

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