Follow a young girl’s journey as she questions the universe about the secrets of life.

Can she find her inner calm to discover the answers she seeks?

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Cleteisha Ann Washington is best known by her family and friends as a lover of fun. She enjoys laughing at her adorable dogs Rocco and Noodles, creating beautiful moments with her wife Jadene Amelia, and dabbling into random hobbies like aerial yoga and preparing plant-based meals that are questionable! Having served in the United States Air Force for over 13 years, she wanted a break from the political arena. Despite her military obligation, she was able to tap into her first love, which is writing. Through the eyes of young Cleteisha, the book Inner will transform readers’ minds to what truly matters. A true homecoming.

Aleksandra Szmidt grew up in Poland and worked as a graphic designer. She currently resides in New Zealand as a freelance illustrator. From her home studio, Aleksandra creates one-of-a-kind artwork for clients across the world. Her love of drawing plants and animals can be attributed to her landscape architecture studies. She also likes to design magical things detached from reality. The majority of her artwork is made with traditional watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil, but she also creates digital art. She loves her job, and it brings her immense joy and an emotional connection to her art.

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