Hello, Honey Bee

‘Can you help us find a safe new home?’
Disaster strikes when the bees lose their home. They search high and low and finally settle outside a beautiful palace. Can the Big Queen save Queen Bee and her family?

A delightful story about a very important friendship for ages.

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Hello, Honey Bee is a whimsical tale of friendship and understanding that explores the importance of bees in our daily lives. With vivid imagery and gentle prose, Hello, Honey Bee inspires children to care about wildlife and understand the connection between the food we eat and the creators that
help to put food on our plate.

Since becoming a beekeeper, Felicity has studied the evolutionary, agricultural, biological, and cultural aspects of bees, “It is so important to educate our children about the importance of our natural environment, so they respect, understand and love it.” She says. Learning about what honeybees do and why they are important gives children a new appreciation of these winged pollinators and celebrates their role in biodiversity.

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