Grumps are stinky, obnoxious things that like to hang around when life isn’t going as planned. Heath does not want to get off the computer! But when his Mother makes him, the Grumps appear.

They cause all kinds of problems. Will they all go away…?

Author/Illustrator Lisa Tiffen’s series of fun, quirky picture books which subtly show children how to handle the wonderful world of emotions. Titles include; Grumps, Lovelies, Sorrows and Frights.

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Lisa Tiffen is a dedicated children’s picture book author and illustrator. Lisa finds delight in observing the playful world of children. Her books and artworks reflect her observations and describe the emotional world of children in a fun and sometimes mischievous way.

Her illustrating style is quite unique, combining photos of everyday objects and patterns, hand-drawn and painted pictures, into a digital collage. With this distinctive style she has managed to create picture books that are loved by children and parents alike.

Lisa loves combining her interest in writing. art and music, thus picture books are her favourite genre. Lisa has worked with children teaching music for many years and has conducted workshops at schools. She is available for library and school visits.

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