Frankie Pants & Mr Fox

By day Frankie is just a lazy cat, but night he is transformed into Frankie Pants! How will this modern-day hero save the neighbourhood from the dastardly devious Mr Fox?

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As a communications consultant, writer, daughter of a head teacher and mum of two small boys, writing children’s books was a logical next step for Helen. Since a child growing up in the southwest of England, she had a passion for writing and books, often producing illustrated short stories to give to family and friends. She went on to focus on language and literature in her studies before heading off to travel the world, finally arriving in Sydney, Australian in 2005 and putting down roots. In 2020, her first book was born – Frankie Pants & Mr Fox – a children’s picture book and ode to the family’s beloved late cat, Frankie. Helen now lives on the South Coast of NSW with her partner Markus and two little terrors, Alexander and George.


Katya Swan is a Russian-born illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Dublin, Ireland. She believes that children are little miracles and they deserve to grow up in a world full of amazing and inspirational stories. Her mission is to bring happiness, joy and a little bit of magic in every person’s life through her art and design.

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