Fil and Harry

Fil is having a rough time of it lately: her mum has moved away and a new stepmum is upsetting the delicate balance in the family; her brother seems to be growing up and leaving her far behind; and worst of all, her best friend is turning into a bit of a frenemy. In fact, the only person who seems to have Fil’s back is her beloved cat Harry, who reveals that he can talk (and who, satisfyingly, is exactly as snarky as you would expect a cat to be). With Harry by her side, Fil discovers the confidence and courage she needs to believe in herself and stand up to bullies.

Lian Hingee review Books+Publishing 2nd March 2021

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Jenny Blackford loves writing for kids and often contributes poems and stories to The School Magazine. Her awards include the Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Poetry in 2017 and two first prizes in the Humorous Verse section of the Henry Lawson prizes.

Her previous novel from Christmas Press (in the Eagle Books imprint) was The Girl in the Mirror, a spidery, ghostly middle-grade mystery. It won the 2020 Davitt Award for Best Children’s Crime Novel.

Jenny lives in sunny Newcastle. She loves cats so much that she wrote a whole tiny book of cat poems, called The Duties of a Cat(Pitt Street Poetry) Her Ragdoll cat Felix has her twisted around his furry little paw. Now and then she dreams that he can talk.


Kristin Devine is an artist and illustrator from the New England region of NSW Australia.  She grew up in the small town of Inverell with her parents, three sisters, and a veritable menagerie of pets.  She has a deep fascination with the natural world and loves to explore intricate specimens of flora and fauna through her drawings.  In 2019, she won first prize in the New England Illustration Prize, a national award for illustrators at all stages of their careers. Fil and Harry is the first children’s novel she has illustrated.

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