Fantastic Frankie

Frankie is a fox with plenty of style …
Fabulous in a rainbow cape,
Amazing in pirate boots and ready to take on the world in a gold crown! Not everyone likes what Frankie wears … The more Frankie tries to change, the more unhappy Frankie feels. But what happens when friends start to miss their old Frankie?

Join Frankie on a journey of discovery and happiness and, above all, staying true to yourself.

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Jess Rose is an illustrator, author, and designer, living and working in rural Yorkshire with her husband, 2 children, and cat, Gizmo, and dog, Ghibli. When Jess isn’t working and spending time with her family, she can be found walking in the countryside, wild swimming, and practising aerial hoop. After years working in design, Jess eventually took the jump to grow the illustration side of her work, sign with an agent and follow her dream of working in children’s publishing. Jess has worked as an illustrator for several children’s books and her illustrations have even featured on CBeebies bedtime stories. After illustrating many authors’ wonderful stories, Jess decided she had her own stories to tell and began her journey as an author and illustrator. Fantastic Frankie is her debut book, written to encourage children to shine their own light and be confident in who they are.

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