Evie and the Lost Three

Evie loves to count… one… two… three! That is, until Evie can no longer find the number three. Where has that cheeky number gone and how will Evie’s counting carry on?

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Sue Neudegg is an English/Australian author and freelance writer, currently residing in South Australia. In addition to her publications through Little Steps, previous works include the radio play, ‘Over Shoes’ (ABC, 2007) and lyrics for albums by Keith Hall Blues Band. Sue loves the idea of collaboration with other artists and jointly bringing an idea to life. Her passion is exploring writing through various mediums, including theatre, film and television. Sue enjoys travel, is a film and music enthusiast, and plays bass guitar.


Since childhood, Denise Muzzio has spent her time drawing and being surrounded by books. She studied graphic design, illustration and animation to work on projects that keep her inner child alive. She is a yoga instructor, and practises daily to keep mind and body in harmony. She lives in Argentina, working as a freelance designer and illustrator specialising in children’s literature. Most of her work is digital, but she also enjoys working with watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil, and ink.

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