Engilina’s Trains

Engilina, Engibear and Bearbot are back to build transport for the future: a new maglev train. During the project they discover an old steam engine which leads them on an interesting journey and creates an unexpected link to the past.
Travel with them on this tale of trains, teamwork, technology and time …

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Andrew King has qualifications in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering and he is passionate about the integral role of engineering in environmental management and sustainability. Andrew really enjoys his family life and dreaming; Engibear was created while playing with his children in the backyard sandpit and they encouraged him to write a book. In his spare time Andrew likes to play guitar and tinker in his workshop. Andrew’s family are avid readers and have really helped him to appreciate the magic of books.

Benjamin Johnston is a full-time architect as well as an illustrator. Drawing and illustrating for children have always been his passion and the opportunity of seeing life again through children’s eyes is a major influence in the creation of his work.

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