Emily Green’s Garden

Emily Green lives in a perfectly lovely house, in a perfectly lovely street where people are always busy and bustling, hurried and hustling. One day Emily Green decides she wants to bring the outside into her home.

She catches a glimpse of something green on the pavement, and visits the library to learn more about plants. Soon she has created something magical. She just needs to share it with others …

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Penny is a children’s book author, a book reviewer, garden writer and lifestyle journalist. She has been a professional writer for more than twenty years, contributing to a range of leading Australian magazines, newspapers, guides and books, writing about everything from raising toddlers to raising chickens. Penny lives in rambling old garden, on the edge of the Yarra Valley, with her husband and two young children, where she loves filling the house with books, plants and music.

Megan is an Australian illustrator, author, painter and printmaker. In 1995 she completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, and has a graduate diploma in Education specialising in Visual Art and English.

She went on to study printmaking at Studio West End in Brisbane under Vim De Voss. These days she works out of her studio in Manly. Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. Her recent book with New Frontier Publishing, All I Want for Christmas is Rain written by Cori Brooke, was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council Awards (CBCA) 2017 Book of the Year Early Childhood.

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