Detective LB and Hopper

Detective LB and Hopper have a mystery to solve. They set out to the Poppycat Candy Company with two magnifying glasses, a hat, two comic books and three carrots. Will they be able to solve the case of the disappearing chocolate frogs?

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Janey Gaston lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, Graduation in 2017 with her master’s degree in nursing, Janey works as a Psychiatric Nurse Practioner with both children and adults. Working with children, she discovered her passion for writing, particularly whilst attempting to put a smile on their faces. Reading and mysteries have been an influential part of her life since she was very young and would play “detective” with her grandmother. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies (Particularly superhero flicks) and enjoying life with her friends, family, and cat, Poppy. Inspiration, for her, comes from a deep desire to show children they are special.


Anil Tortop was born and raised in Turkey. She moved to Australia in early 2011 and has been trying to get used to the local eight-legged house intruders and slithering visitors to her garden ever since. Anil also works as an animator and character/concept designer, but has been called away from this affair as her relationship with children’s books becomes more serious. Nowadays, she lives with her husband in Brisbane. In their small home studio together, they call themselves ‘Children’s Booksmiths’. Anil loves trying to make bliss balls (if she makes them well enough, she also loves eating them) and the smell of fresh books.


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