December Boys

When a group of close friends leave the dusty outback orphanage where they’ve grown up for a summer holiday together at the coast, their future is full of possibilities. But the chance that one of them, just one, might gain a real family to live with calls everything they thought they knew about themselves and each other into question. A film adaptation of “The December Boys” started filming in Australia in November 2005 and was released worldwide in 2007. It stars Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, in his first film venture outside the famous wizard movie franchise.

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They are known as the “December Boys” because all five of them – Choker (Who tells the story), Fido, Spark, Misty and Maps – are thought to have been born in that month. And one December in the late 1930’s they leave their Catholic orphanage in the dusty outback to spend the Christmas holidays at the seaside settlement of Captain’s Folly, staying with the eccentric Mr and Mrs McNash, who are partial to pumpkin wine. Wearing bathing costumes made from flour-bags dyed black, the boys meet the ocean for the first time and are soon racing through the sandhills to plunge into the surf. But it is Theresa, the young wife of Fearless Foley, former stunt rider on the Wall of Death, who becomes the focus of those holidays, setting off intense rivalry and competition between the boys which leads to a totally unexpected ending.

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