Cursed Tales: The Pharaoh of Asco Express

Whatever happens, no matter what, DO NOT step into Asco Express because you might just end up leaving with more than you bargained for…
When Wesley stops by at a mysterious local shop to buy a drink, he does not realise the trouble he is getting himself into. CURSED by the fiendish Pharaoh AKAHTEN IX, Wesley and his friends, Marishana and Aiden, must solve the evil spell quickly or be trapped for all ETERNITY!

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Cursed Tales is a brand-new series bringing ancient scares to life. Readers BEWARE – this story will leave you wrapped up and wanting your mummy!

Jake R. Wilson was born in Kent but soon moved to the sunshine coast of Eastbourne where he currently works as an archaeologist. Leading excavations across the southeast of England, Jake enjoys all things historical but tries to make room for other hobbies, such as painting, playing trading card games, and watching scary movies. The origins of the Cursed Tales are still shrouded in mystery and Jake continues to dig for their clues all across the country …

Sian has been drawing ever since she could pick up a pen. An early medieval archaeologist by training, she brings her love for the human past, cultures, and folklore to her art. Her paintings are done mostly digitally, however, she still finds that she likes to sketch concepts on paper first before turning to the computer. When she’s not drawing or painting, she loves reading fantasy novels, volunteering in museums, and drinking tea. She lives in Oxford with her husband and two affectionate cats, Miso and Mochi.

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