Bronco, Fi, Maddie and Me

When Mayor Banks announces that the historic Turra Bend Middle School needs to be demolished, Luke and his friends decide something has to be done to stop it. But what can a film nut, two netball maniacs and someone whose mother feeds him tofu and bean sprout sandwiches do to stop someone with as much clout as Bill Banks? More than you’d think. Especially if they use the power of words. From the award winning author of “Amber Pash on Pink”

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When Bronco is on one hundred blinks a minute he’s all action man, when he’s gazing into space and hardly blinking at all you can bet he is dreaming about becoming a famous film director. Fi, who comes from a family of eight is smart, even smarter than Briony-totally-up-herself Edwards, who likes to believe she is the IQ queen of the Middle School. Baddie, whose single Mum is a chef, has the personality to match her fiery red hair; while Luke wishes he was just a little more like Jason Payne, the Middle School heart throb. When historical Hannah House, which forms part of Turra Bend secondary College, is threatened with demolition the four friends are inspired by the school’s newly appointed Writer-in-Residence, the colourful Ms Capeddes, to launch a campaign to save the building. Set against the background of a small coastal town with a cast of quirky characters, Bronco, Fi, Maddie & Me is a story of friendship, loyalty and teenage romance; it is also about the empowering experience standing up for what you believe in and the importance of history and the environment and the fun of amateur film making.

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