Boy on the Page

A boy is trapped on the page. How did he get there? Can he escape? Or is there no other place he’d rather be?

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As a small boy Peter enjoyed copying out his favourite picture books and occasionally typed a small newspaper about the goings-on of his household. Peter spent most of his teenage years playing the guitar and drawing characters all over his school books. Peter has now grown up and when he is not writing and illustrating he is teaching children. If it was all up to Peter, he would spend most of his time reading books with his daughters, trying to play the mandolin and drawing little pictures of people. Peter’s first picture book, Jessica’s Box, was published in 2008. Jessica’s Box was shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award, selected as a Notable Book by the CBCA and shortlisted for the 2009 Speech Pathology Book of the Year Award. Peter was also shortlisted for the Crichton Award.

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