Bertha and Bear

There’s a storm brewing and the hive must find a new home. But, who will the Queen choose to scout out somewhere for the bees to live? With clouds filling the sky and thunder growling, Bertha bravely rises to the occasion and takes on the task … until she meets a bear, that is.

A heart-warming tale of courage, friendship and family.

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From the extremely talented author and illustrator of Bea and Sylvia, comes a gorgeous and heartfelt picture book celebrating bees and the search for friendship and a new home.

CHRISTINE SHARP is an illustrator, a writer, designer, an artist and occasional performer who has worked in the creative industries for over 20 years. She runs her own freelance business in areas such as book design, graphic design, editing, illustration, writing and photography. In 2010 Christine completed a Master of Arts (Research) in Writing for Youth & Children at QUT. Christine is passionate about creating beautiful, inspirational and joyful books for children and adults. She works from her home on Tamborine Mountain, surrounded by birds and in the company of her dog, Billie Bear.

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