Barefoot Bea

This is a hilarious tale of Beatrice Jones, who sniffs at sandals, looks aghast at gumboots and won’t suffer sneakers. When it comes to playing tag, climbing trees and cartwheeling, she believe bare feet are best. But when her parents put their foot down and demand that she find some suitable footwear, it seems that Bea’s barefoot days are over. Is there really a fit for every foot?

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Heather Neilly is a writer, scientist, and lover of the wild. She is the author of Who’s Making That Noise? with Anil Tortop. She works as an ecologist and currently lives in the Riverland region of South Australia with her husband, two daughters and red dog, Cliff.

Ruth de Vos is an illustrator and textile artist based in Perth. She has been involved in drawing and artmaking since childhood. She works in a mixture of digital and traditional media. Barefoot Bea is the first picture book that she has illustrated.

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