Princess Hayley’s Comet

Princess Hayley has everything a princess could want…except a comet. It’s her only birthday wish. Comets are so sparkly and they shoot through the sky so fast – who wouldn’t want one? But then Hayley realises the only way she’s going to get her wish is to catch a comet for herself. Joined by the very best friends a princess could have, Hayley aims to build the biggest and best – the only – comet-catcher in the world and make sure her birthday dream comes true!

A magical, funny story for younger readers by a talented new author.

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Rebecca Fung works and lives in Sydney, Australia. She loves to write children’s fiction and several of those stories have been published in Christmas Press anthologies Once Upon a Christmas, A Toy Christmas. A Christmas Menagerie and A Miniature Christmas. She likes owls, mandarins and chocolates, and she is often found curled up on the sofa with her face in a book. Princess Hayley’s Comet is her first book.

Kathy Creamer is a children’s illustrator and writer who has been published by Oxford University Press, Reed International, Christmas Press and Second Look. Kathy works mainly with watercolour, colour pencil, ink and wash, and enjoys creating humour and movement in her images.

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