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  • Lying in his bed one night, Liam woke up and saw a bright light. It shone through the window and Liam could see that his room was lit up as bright as could be ... Join Liam as he investigates the mysterious bright light, and his imagination leads him on an amazing adventure!  
  • Aster attends a school for gifted kids, but she doesn’t think she’s special at all. If she was, her mother wouldn’t have left. And if she isn’t careful, everyone else will leave her too. Aster’s Good, Right Things is the compelling tale of 11-year-old Aster’s experience with an anxiety disorder and her journey to find self-acceptance and happiness. The novel also tackles themes of friendship, parental separation, resilience, diversity and gender norms. With isolation being particularly harmful to already vulnerable young people, COVID-19 is exacerbating already concerning levels of mental health issues. The authenticity of Aster’s experience lets readers know that hope is just waiting to be found. Aster's Good, Right Things has been shortlisted in the 2021 CBCA Awards for Younger Readers.    
  • This is a hilarious tale of Beatrice Jones, who sniffs at sandals, looks aghast at gumboots and won't suffer sneakers. When it comes to playing tag, climbing trees and cartwheeling, she believe bare feet are best. But when her parents put their foot down and demand that she find some suitable footwear, it seems that Bea's barefoot days are over. Is there really a fit for every foot?
  • Bear is hungry. Tummy-rumbling hungry. But no matter how hard he tries Bear can't catch his supper, which makes him a GRUMPY, GROUCHY bear indeed!
  • Gus might be the only asparagus in his family, but he is happy. However, when he goes to school he starts to realise that he doesn't always fit in.
  • I despair of my hair, it's such a silly thing, it kind of resembles a messy ball of string! Everybody has one little thing they wish they could change about themselves, right? For one little girl, that one thing is her hair. It just won't behave the way she wants it to. It curls up, it hangs straight, it sticks out all over the place! It's such hard work. What's a girl to do? Don't despair, learn to be proud of your messy hair!
  • A DISASTER HAS HAPPENED! Muttonbird Bay School might be closing. I mean, FOREVER.
    Juno Jones loves her school, but the Men in Suits want to close it down! And there's only one thing Juno and her classmates can do to stop it... READ! Which is perfectly fine for people like Perfect Paloma, Smelly Bella and Genius George, but Juno Jones is a kid who doesn't like reading. It might take the unthinkable to make it happen – to save her school, Juno Jones will need to become a WORD NINJA!
  • Muttonbird Bay Primary is once again under threat of closure, and Juno Jones is sure the Alien Lizard Men must be involved. How can they not be when there's so much strangeness afoot! Shy Vi is missing, Miss Tippett is acting VERY weirdly and everyone keeps turning to Juno Jones to solve the mysteries. Even Perfect Paloma needs Juno's help. Our favourite Word Ninja must become a Mystery Writer to uncover what's really going on behind the scenes at Muttonbird Bay ...
  • When Juno Jones's (Former Kid Who Doesn’t Like Reading), first-ever favourite book goes missing, she convinces Miss Tippett to turn their classroom into a courtroom so she can present her evidence, unmask the culprit and—more importantly—get her book back! With her list of possible suspects ranging from friends to foes (both human and alien), Juno is sure it’s only a matter of time before the truth is revealed. But as the case unfolds, this book sleuth discovers that not everything is as it seems …
  • Oliver is a happy little boy, until one day he wakes up with Grumbles in his head ... and Grumbles IN HIS BED! The Grumbles dance on Oliver's chest, tug at his ears and cause all sorts of trouble for him, but when they run away with his snuggle blanket it's the last straw! Will Oliver work out a way to tame those terrible Grumbles?
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