Red Paper Kite

  • Loukta is a brilliant puppet maker. All of his creations work perfectly just as he expects them to.

    Except for Claudette.

    She is a rickety misfit who longs for freedom and adventure. What can be done with such a puppet? Loukta doesn't know. So Claudette stays on the shelf.

    Until one incredible day...

    Includes 2 colouring pages and a sneak peek into the author's journal.
  • Daisy and Bear live in a small house. They do the same ordinary things every day. But maybe not so ordinary … Follow the adventures of this delightful brother and sister duo as they find the sparkle and fun in the daily routine of family life. With charming pencil illustrations by Bianca Pozzi, this is a delightful book that values innocence, imaginative play and love.
  • HUGO was born with a beautifully curious mark. Although it's something special , HUGO is concerned: he has never seen a rainbow mark on anyone else. Determined to find that someone else, HUGO sets out on a rollercoaster of emotion and adventure. He searches crowded spots in his city, experiencing a rich array of human difference. His quest seems to be in vain. But just as he gives up, something amazing happens ...
  • Lucy's mum is taller than her. Her grandad is even taller. So Lucy longs to take a peek at the very elderly Miss Eliza Flowerdew - at her age (99) - she might even be able to touch the ceiling! But is Lucy brave enough to find out the truth? This is a magical story that explores how we can make incorrect assumptions about people, particularly the elderly. Along with Lucy, children will discover the rich experiences that make up a long life, the importance of memories, and how the most unlikely friendships can be formed.
  • A giant girl towers over Shadow. Driven by fear, Shadow runs. And so does the girl. But can they really run from each other? With exquisite illustrations, Shadow and the Girl is an imaginative tall full of movement. Young readers will be enthralled by the fast-paced story that leads to a heartwarming ending. With themes of bravery and self-acceptance, this book will encourage children to embrace their own shadows and gain self-confidence.
  • When the eccentric, tea-drinking Snoozette boils her kettle, she has no idea of the ethereal experiences ahead of her. Strolling through the sky, concocting potions with raindrops, eating with fairy floss and even collecting clouds. But is Snoozette dreaming it all? Or can she possible be awake? This whimsical story takes the reader on a gentle journey through a character's mind. On each page, children will be captivated by the transformation of swirling steam clouds into everyday objects, throwing Snoozette into a series of perplexing situations. This is a marvellous book for discussing the wonder of imagination.
  • When Frankie finds a moustache, she is completely baffled. Who loses a moustache? Determined to return the moustache to its rightful owner, Frankie launches an investigation. Engaging, amusing and delightfully quirky.  
  • When a special fish is bumped out of a speeding truck, Girl must figure out a way to rescue him. Fish needs salty water to live but there are no solutions to be found in Girl’s kitchen or in her mountain town. Girl and Fish must venture somewhere new … This beautiful environmentally conscious story explores how we might best take care of the animals with which we share our world. Girl and Fish also invite children to consider how what we might want for others is not necessarily the best thing for them, promoting conversation about the challenges of friendship and unconditional love.
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