Little Steps

  • Miss Sue narrates her thoughts about things she likes that make her happy. She hopes to give children thoughts too as to things that make them happy.
  • Esmé d’Arc was a zero. She had been a zero for a very, very long time. Until one day – with the help of her friends –that all finally changed … Within a satisfying framework of rhythm and narrative refrains, a smattering of more difficult words challenge and stimulate the young reader. A wonderful book for children who feel left out or on the margins, or who simply enjoy language.
  • When flowers bloom in the Snowy Mountains, at Alcheringa it's a special time for discovery.
  • When snow comes down in the Snowy Mountains, at Alcheringa it's a special time for dreaming.
  • When Tilly befriends an ugly and feared old woman in her village, she is surprised to discover that she is really an aqua pixie! Faithfully waiting for rain to come and restore her lake, Aqua Pixie Kakasha has been in hiding for many years. Can Tilly help her find her way back home or will Kakasha give up on Lake Pululu and become a real human? Traditional Chinese culture and magical folktales integrated with modern fairytale conventions. Strong female characters and themes of bravery, loyalty and friendship. Beautifully illustrated in full colour.
  • When Baby Dreamer falls asleep, he visits Baby Dreamland. His friends Eviekins Bunny and Barnie Bear are always there to talk, share stories and create new ones. Baby Dreamer discovers the joy of listening and learning. A sweet, simple story which is perfect for gentle bedtime reading.
  • What will Baby Joanna’s first word be?

    Mum hopes that it will be ‘Mum’ .

    Dad hope that it will be ‘Dad’.

    But Milly - Woof just wants to join in on all the fun!  
  • In the land of 'What-To-Do' there is a dragon who has made such a nuisance of himself that he is known as 'Basil the Bully'! What can be done to stop him from terrorising the kingdom?
  • This is the true story of a greedy little sheep who put her head into a bucket ... and couldn’t get it out!
  • At bedtime there are a lot of sounds and sights that can make the imagination run wild. Sometimes the things that go bump in the night can inspire a fantastical dream-filled adventure. A perfect story to ease readers into bedtime routines, prompting discussion of worries and stresses from the day or of the dark.
  • Billy is a 3-year-old boy who finds eating challenging. His parents continually worry about what he eats and how much he eats. They use all sorts of bribery and pressure tactics to make him eat. But their strategies don’t work. One day, his grandma has a good idea… This book is for all parents who worry about their preschoolers and their food intake. This book is for every little boy and girl who has gone through the typical age of developmental fussy eating and finds dinners overwhelming and hard.
  • This story was composed after an unforgettable experience in Arnhem Land on Rambarranga and Dalabon country, welcomed and taught by a group of rangers from across West Arnhem Land, who continue to inspire me to this day.
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