Little Steps

  • Young Engineers have all sorts of ideas. Join them as they create... Created by the same team behind the Engibear series, which received the President's Prize at the 2012 Australian Engineering Excellence Awards.
  • ‘Are we normal?’ He asked.

    Mum gave Alex her brightest smile.

    ‘Absolutely NOT … but why don’t we find out who is?’

    A celebration of unique, thriving and fun families.  
  • More amazingly wonderful adventures with the crazy inexhaustible teachers from Where Do Teachers Go at Night?. ● Highly anticipated sequel to the original Where Do Teachers Go at Night? ● Celebrates hard-working teachers as they travel around the world.



    From skinny-dipping in the Caribbean to climbing Mount Fuji,

    discover what our everyday teachers get up to behind our backs.  
  • No matter what kind of thoughts we have in our minds, there is a way to let them go. A fun and gentle first guide to mindfulness and de-stressing for children and adults alike.
  • What's in your heart today? A guidebook to help kids explore their emotions - a great introduction to mindfulness. A delightful companion to Louise Bladen's first book titled What's in Your Mind Today?, a proven international sales success!
  • The world as we know it has been ravaged by violence and environmental disaster. Society has been split into exclusive zones to protect what little is left. Divided by Air, Water, Soil and Fire, each zone trades what it can to survive. Certainly, life is difficult, particularly as a fifth zone, the Prestige Zone, regularly takes what they like to ensure their privileged life continues to thrive. But when 16-year-old Lawlie Pearce’s mother is killed, it becomes clear that the tenuous peace between the zones is on the verge of unravelling. With a thirst for vengeance, Lawlie leaves AirZone to discover the truth and seek justice for her mother - even if she has to bring down the biggest enemy of all, Sceptre, the leader of the Prestige Zone that dominates the world that is Virozone
  • “Many things have belly buttons, even you and me!

    Innies, outies, navels and holes, just look and you will see!”

    With a little imagination … the smallest of holes can take us

    on the biggest adventures.  
  • In the dappled light under the branches of a tree, Emma dreams of helping her sister, Teresa, out of her wheelchair to climb and run on rainbows. Emma and Teresa's family and friends give them inspiration and hope to believe that anything is possible. This heartfelt picture book is a celebration of a family experiencing challenges yet transported to a place of love beyond the boundaries of everyday life.
  • Oliver looks forward to going diving on his birthday every year to see the underwater forest. But one year the underwater forest was gone. It had been eaten by hungry sea urchins. Will the underwater forest every grow back?
  • Meg is Tune Town’s best music performer, but she’s having trouble rehearsing. So much trouble, in fact, that the notes have run right off the sheet! Can Meg find the notes in time for her big concert? Or are they closer to home than she thought? A colourful book for music-loving-and-learning kids of all ages
  • A beautifully illustrated heart-warming story every child will be able to relate to, about the creative ways we found to connect and spread joy when we all had to stay apart.
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