• It's Drew's eighth birthday and his best mate Mickey is sleeping over. The boys are having the best day ever! There are new toys to play with, Yummy birthday food to eat, Birthday games to share, A hideous monster under the bed ... Did someone say MONSTER?!    
  • Welcome to the funkiest BOOK, BOOK, BOOKEEK ever! According to legend, many, many years ago there was a great gathering of animals, Right slap bang in the middle of Australia. You see, many of the animals felt they were more special than all the rest. This is the story of how they decided, once and for all, who was the most unique!
  • The chook is back … in his second exciting adventure! Climb aboard for a funky space voyage of epic proportions! Could Funky Chook’s dream on a hot lazy day turn into a trip to the great Milky Way? Hang on to your spacesuits and join our feathered hero in his search for inter-galactic funkiness!!