Dirt Lane Press

  • When a boy grows up and leaves home to follow his dreams, he meets a peddler of dreams the like of which he has never imagined.
  • Leaf Stone Beetle is a gentle and charming tale about a leaf, a stone and a beetle whose lives are disrupted by a storm.
  • Paperboy is a journey through the salient moments of a young boy's life - the fears, the trials, the tragedies and the small triumphs - with each moment contemplated in terms of paper. Tissue paper that tears too readily, fly paper to which nasty things adhere, folded paper with which to create hope.
  • The Snowman's Wish is the story of a snowman who so loves the sights, smells, touch and sounds of the children playing in the park around him that he wishes he could stay forever. When springtime melts the snow and the snowman vanishes, a beautiful flower grows in his place, which the children understand to be the snowman's legacy.
  • The Sorry Tale of Fox and Bear¬†is the story of a cruel falling out between two friends, how it happens, and what happens next. It is outrageous, passionate and poignant, and the bittersweet ending is as ambiguous as any friendship in real life.
  • Happiness can be found in little things. Where Happiness Hides is a story we often tell our children and ourselves. It is about two siblings who find pleasure in small things: in a bowl of soup, in beetles, in discovery, in sunshine and shadow, in disappointment and in hope. Meditative and inspiring, this story invites children and adults both to savour the moments and minutiae of everyday life.