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  • A Christmas Cornucopia is a delicious feast of Christmas stories - and food -from well-known and emerging Australian authors. With delectable illustrations by David Allan and Fiona McDonald, this is a book sure to make your tummy grumble.
  • From the wombat who creates a beautiful tree to the pony who finds a new home, from a bear with a delicious recipe to Santa's unexpected helper and many more: meet the special animals who feature in these sparkling new stories for young readers, from both established and emerging authors, in a collection of entertaining illustrated tales for young readers, spiced with a touch of Christmas magic.
  • This new edition of Max Fatchen's much-loved classic of children's poetry features an introduction by award-winning author Janeen Brian and lively cover and internal illustrations by Kathy Creamer.
  • A magical, illustrated anthology of original stories. Featuring: Natalie Jane Prior, Kathy Creamer, Fiona McDonald, Michael Grey, Goldie Alexander, Rebecca Fung, Meredith Costain, Anna Bell, George Ivanoff, Ian Irvine, Juliet Marillier, Beattie Alvarez, David Allan
  • Charlotte Chaplin is a city girl. She’s cool and stylish and her best friend is Sarah, the Prime Minister’s daughter. Her life is perfect. That is until her parents get divorced and Charlie is dragged to the sleepy town of Gulgong in the middle of nowhere. A lively, fast-paced mystery with vivid characters and an atmospheric country town setting.
  • New edition of multi-award-winning author Libby Gleeson's powerful first novel, which was first published in 1984. Featuring a new introduction by the author, it is illustrated with sensitive line drawings by Beattie Alvarez.
  • Fil is having a rough time of it lately: her mum has moved away and a new stepmum is upsetting the delicate balance in the family; her brother seems to be growing up and leaving her far behind; and worst of all, her best friend is turning into a bit of a frenemy. In fact, the only person who seems to have Fil’s back is her beloved cat Harry, who reveals that he can talk (and who, satisfyingly, is exactly as snarky as you would expect a cat to be). With Harry by her side, Fil discovers the confidence and courage she needs to believe in herself and stand up to bullies. Lian Hingee review Books+Publishing 2nd March 2021
  • After the adventures of Four on the Run, Maxie, Lady, Flash, and Fergie are set for a new life as film stars and a luxury cruise overseas. But when they are washed overboard in a storm and land on a desert island, it seems their troubles are only just beginning! From two acclaimed creators comes the lively, funny sequel to the popular Four on the Run, about four friends who just happen to be machines! Perfect for young readers 5-8.
  • Maxie, Fergie, Flash and Lady are good friends who live in Mrs Brown’s farm shed. Life isn’t exciting, but they’re happy. Until the day they learn that Mrs Brown wants to sell them—to the scrap yard! So they decide to run away: and suddenly life becomes very exciting for the four lovable machines in a series of madcap adventures that will change everything.
  • Paris May 1910...Linda's father is missing in Paris, and her only clue is the Jack of Spades card that was sent to their home in London. In the family code, 'Jack of Spades' means danger. But it is not her father's handwriting on the envelope! Setting out to look for him, Linda is soon whirled into a frightening world where nothing is as it seems. As she works against time to try and solve the mystery of her father's disappearance with the help of some new friends, Linda begins to realise that she has stumbled into a dark and dangerous conspiracy which threatens the future of the whole world.
  • Jules Verne's Mikhail Strogoff  is a classic adventure story set in nineteenth century Tsarist Russia at a time of great turbulence as foreign armies threaten to invade the Empire. Only one man, Mikhail Strogoff, has the skill and fortitude to traverse the vast countryside and warn of the invasion - but will he make it in time? Jules Verne's Mikhail Strogoff is the first release for Eagle Books, an imprint of Christmas Press
  • After 12-year old Megan Evans almost dies, she is packed off to the tiny, remote coastal village of Pelican Rock to recover. Sure she is going to be bored in a place which doesn't even have the internet, she discovers there is much more to Pelican Rock than she expected.
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