Christmas Press

  • A Christmas-themed collection of three gorgeous illustrated stories featuring everyone's favourite magical creatures: dragons!
    In the black velvety mantle of the night sky, two young people fall in love, only to be parted; while in a far-away time, a lonely and mistreated girl finds herself at a ball in a dress of sea green silk and a kingfisher cloak: two beautiful, magical tales from old China, The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd, and The Magic Fishbones, are here enchantingly retold for young readers by award-winning author Gabrielle Wang and evocatively illustrated by David Allan.
  • Meet a brave little girl called Masha who outwits a big bad bear with some tasty pies, and a beautiful but none too bright rooster, his long-suffering friends and a cunning fox!
    Japanese folklore is full of stories about the tengu, magical beings who grant wishes to those who ask them. But watch out-wishes don't always turn out as you expected!
  • Twin baby gods with extraordinary powers from birth; twin boys brought up by a wolf, whose quarrel will one day make the greatest city in the world: from the pen of multi-award winning author Ursula Dubosarsky comes this fresh and lively retelling of two great myths from Greece and Rome, re-imagined for young readers, and illustrated in gorgeous classical style by David Allan.
  • A magical, illustrated anthology of original stories. Featuring: Natalie Jane Prior, Kathy Creamer, Fiona McDonald, Michael Grey, Goldie Alexander, Rebecca Fung, Meredith Costain, Anna Bell, George Ivanoff, Ian Irvine, Juliet Marillier, Beattie Alvarez, David Allan
  • A magical Christmas mix of stories, poems, memoirs and illustrations from some of Australia's favourite children's authors and illustrators, as well as emerging talent, and some special guests from overseas.
  • This new edition of Max Fatchen's much-loved classic of children's poetry features an introduction by award-winning author Janeen Brian and lively cover and internal illustrations by Kathy Creamer.
  • This hilarious collection of nine short plays for kids, written by popular author Duncan Ball, ranges from a comic monologue to a play that can involve a whole class, and everything in between. It will suit use both in classroom and on stage, as well as being lots of fun to read at home.
  • The strange and magical world of the shape-shifting Selkies and is brought to enchanting life in these two fairy tales from Scotland, The Selkie Bride and In the Kingdom of the Seals, hauntingly retold by best-selling author Kate Forsyth and strikingly illustrated by Fiona McDonald.
  • Two magical, scary classic fairy tales from France, Beauty and the Beast and Bluebeard, elegantly retold by Adèle Geras and lavishly illustrated by Fiona McDonald. For older readers.
  • The ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, located in what is now Iraq, Syria and Kuwait, produced one of the world's great heroic sagas, the Epic of Gilgamesh. In this exciting, lively retelling, popular author John Heffernan brings two stories from the Epic to enagaging life for young readers, while new illustrator Kate Durack's striking illustrations, inspired by Ancient Mesopotamian art, superbly illuminate the mythical world of the heroic brothers.
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