A for Attitude Productions

  • All about Attitude heads up the ‘All about’ series. It is designed for children of all ages to browse through when in need of inspiration and encouragement... to open at random and read a page or two. It contains simply illustrated snippets of universal age-old wisdom that have been used by successful people throughout history, and that we all need to be reminded of from time to time.
  • All about Choices introduces the Fabulous First 5 Minutes technique, which encourages children to develop the valuable habit of planning ahead and making ‘conscious’ choices. The FabFirst5 program: • teaches children about the power of choice • helps clear the mind so learning can begin in the classroom • addresses challenges such as anxiety, bullying and low self-esteem • assists with goal setting and visualisation skills • shows how all problems contain gifts • works for adults too!  
  • All about Goal Setting shows how to plan for the life you want, instead of the one you don’t want. In this easy to read guide for people of all ages, master goal setter Julie Davey shares the secrets of successful people who have turned their dreams into reality. Step inside this little gem and find out why Grinners are Winners.  
  • All about True Wealth, first published as R for Richlife, is a book for reading to, or with, children, as soon as they receive money. It's about enjoying what you have and focusing on what is important to you. There are some who have plenty of things and  never seem to be happy. There are others with very few possessions who find absolute bliss in the simple things that life brings them. This book looks at: the origin of money, the money mindset, ways to look after money so that it can look after you, tips on how to manage without much money, the attitude of gratitude, money magnets and much more ....