MIPTV 2018

April is a busy month, however between all the book fairs (Milan, Bologna, and London), Mary headed to Cannes for MIPTV to meet with a number of children’s program producers and to demonstrate the latest version of Birde, the new interactive media player being launched by our client Lyrebird Interactive in Australia this year. Although the weather was dull, the show floor was anything but with ‘funtastic’ graphics on display literally everywhere.

Cannes series

Show entrance














Birde is an amazing new device specifically for pre-schoolers that combines new technology with the best storytelling to entertain children in a digitally safe environment. It plays through the use of Birde Seeds delivering TV programs, music, stories, audio books and self-reading eBooks to any screen, whilst being a portable speaker. You can find out more about Birde here: https://www.birde.co/home

Birde interactive multimedia device

Birde interactive multimedia device












MIPTV is a great place to meet with children’s produces from all over the world including Australia, Ireland, UK, Singapore, USA, Europe, China and elsewhere all in one location, and when you are an Agent on a budget that is very efficient. Birde is working with the ABC Kids, Monster Entertainment, Omen Studios, Sinking Ship Entertainment, StoryBots, Funky Books and others for the launch programs.

Ben Murphy from Monster Entertainment

Ben Murphy from Monster Entertainment






















What is always interesting in children’s entertainment is the crossover between formats: books going to TV and film, books from TV, music for TV, music from picture books. As an agent working across media, it is great to be able to link the creative talents. We plan to develop these relationships further in the coming months.


Mary enjoying iced tea and cake at the end of a busy day!







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