City by James Roy is the companion short story collection to the highly successful and award-winning book, Town, published by UQP in 2007. The only water out this way was the river and the reservoir and the twin pipes that fed the city. Huge and dark, as thick through as a small car, they rose and fell across the plains towards the glowing sky and the shimmering skyline.

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In his acclaimed book, Town, James Roy charted the social tapestry of a country town as seen through the eyes of thirteen young residents. The young people in City are linked in very different ways – through chance meetings, found objects, social connections, the civil disobedience of the shadowy Poet and the streets of a city. Town was set in a place without a name, and this is no different. But any reader who has ever lived in a city will find it immediately familiar. A striking collection of connected stories that reflect our lives and those of the people we pass each day.

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